Bloons Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Bloons by NinjaKiwi

v1.0 (4/20/07) by Kevin O'Hare
bloonsmaniac (at) yahoo (dot) com

A personal note: I played and won this game over a three-day period, getting stuck here and there, but never resorting to any outside help. After I finished, I read a lot of the comments on the Jayisgames thread, and managed to pick up a few more hints, and replayed a number of levels.

I noted the web site's call for a walkthrough, and started it briefly, then noted a couple of days later that one was put up. I only glanced at that walkthrough, and it was brief, and seemed to contain short tips and hints for each level. I'm sure it's useful enough (since I'm sure a majority of people just want a hint, and not a complete how-to guide), but I'm a bit obsessed with detail.

While writing this walkthrough, I kept trying to pursue higher and higher scores for each level. For each of the fifty levels in the game, I provide (usually) detailed shot-by-shot instructions, aimed at not only getting the target score for each level, but at getting the best score possible. I spent up to several hours on each level, so I hope I've unlocked most of its secrets for readers of this walkthrough.

I hope readers like this guide, and I welcome any comments, typos, and better scores. I hope to update this once in a while, in order to keep it a somewhat canonical guide to how to play Bloons.

(If I get enough positive feedback, and people like my approach here, then I will consider doing the same for this game's sequel, "More Bloons".)

Kevin O'Hare - bloonsmaniac (at) yahoo (dot) com